The 2 Foot’er Trains

A neat documentary about the Maine 2-foot railroads. The video quality isn’t the greatest, but there’s some great footage here, and it’s a fun little documentary to watch.

And … here’s a little documentary about life Down East in Maine

One thought on “The 2 Foot’er Trains

  1. That flying switch would be fun it one could model it and make it work. Considering it was copied from old film. I amazed that it came out so well, probably from the 1930s from the look of it. The first big downturn started in the 1920s as more highways got paved trucks, cars, and buses began to eat into the railroad business, but it really hit hard in the depression. Even so The Bridgeton and Harrison made it to 1941. Just imagine if it had lasted for one more year, long enough to see the boost of war time traffic.

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