1.3A Standard Receiver (Rx61) with 8 Functions


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The Rx61 is a full-featured locomotive receiver with max motor current rating of 1.3A (at 8.4V). It’s just .5″ x .9″, and has eight programmable outputs in addition to the motor. Outputs 1 and 2 are preset as headlight and backlight, respectively. The Rx61 operates from a 3-18VDC supply voltage, and is optimized for use with LiPo battery packs with 1, 2, or 3 cells.

Additional information


11×22.5mm (0.4×0.9")

Pad Spacing

2.54mm (0.1")

Voltage Range


Motor Current

1.5A, 3.0-8.4v, <=16kHz 1.0A, 8.4-12.6, <=250Hz Currents are with motor stalled at 100% throttle

Receiver Current


R/C System

2.4GHz compatible with 22ms DSM2 and DSMX Air and 16.5ms DSM2 Surface

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