7-Channel Receiver for Live Steam Applications (Rx102)


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The Rx102 receiver with servo and directional light outputs is intended mainly for large-scale or live stream trains. The servo outputs can control servos or an external motor controller (ESC) (sold separately).

Compatible with all DelTang throttles and DSM2 transmitters.

The receiver can be powered with 3.2v – 10v DC (~5v recommended).

The Rx102 receiver is highly configurable. All Rx102 variants have the same core software but with different features enabled on each Pin to make them more suitable for the stated purpose. All of the 8 outputs can be changed by the user with the included jumper plugs (instructions here), or with the optional Prog3 or Prog4 receiver programmers, to any of the available functions, and can be controlled with any channel number.

DelTang ships the Rx102 as the Rx102-1 only, which features full-range speed control with a separate channel to switch direction. Function outputs are set to control servos, with the exception of outputs 6 and 7, which are for front and rear lights, respectively. Selecta is disabled by default. Programming and Binding are accomplished using included plugs. Please click here to read more about binding and programming the Rx102.

Rx102 receivers are available by special order only.

Additional information

Pin Configuration

Horizontal Pins, Vertical Pins

Antenna Configuration

Standard Wire Antenna, Coaxial Antenna


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