Even with the sound systems installed, it’s going to be a little quiet around here for a few days. I’ve got to scurry around and get ready for a art show this weekend, so there won’t be much time to play with trains — a serious bummer! Don’t worry, though. I’ll be back, ASAP!

Enlarging and Reducing Plans

What I’m about to mention here, many modelers already know. However, I figure it’s a useful thing to have in one, handy place, like my web site.

We all know that HO is the most popular modeling scale out there. So, many published plans and drawings are in HO (1:87) scale. Here are some simple rules to convert HO scale drawings to other scales:

HO to Z (1:220): Multiply dimensions by 40% (0.40)
HO to N (1:160): Multiply dimensions by 55% (0.55)
HO to S (1:64): Multiply dimensions by 137% (1.37)
HO to O (1:48): Multiply dimensions by 183% (1.83)

Now, some of you may have drawings in electronic format on your computers, and wish to print them out. You can use these same percentages to scale the drawing to get an O-scale full-sized drawing.