Setting up DelTang’s Rx102 Receiver

I’ve recently started to resell DelTang’s Rx102 receiver, which is intended for use with live steam or large scale trains that have power requirements that go beyond the current handling capabilities of the Rx65 (by use of an external ESC and reversing switch). While the Rx102 is highly configurable, it deviates from many of the “standard” DelTang binding and setup procedures, instead relying on jumper plugs for setting most functions. We’ve set up a special page just for the Rx102 programming options, which you can view here.

Convention Bound!

All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go. I’m standing here … well, you know the song. You’re welcome for the ear-worm. You can holler at me about it in Maine tomorrow, if you’d like.

While, I won’t have a table of my own, I am taking a few items of stock with me, and I’ll be within a cellphone call of the Berrett Hill table in the dealer room. I should have enough product with me that I could sell up to four starter sets, two of which could be our new “Super Starters”. These will be the versions with 180mAh batteries, and with no wires on the receivers. And, they’ll be at special prices (for cash, exact change sales): $90 for the standard kit and $115 for the Super Starter. To see what’s in the kits, visit the shop. Remember, those prices are for exact change cash sales only.

I’ll see you at the show!

New SUPER Dead Rail Starter Set

We happy to announce our new, SUPER Dead Rail Starter Set! The new set includes everything that comes with the very popular Dead Rail Starter Set, PLUS our new Turnigy E3 LiPo Charger.

TurnE3The Turnigy E3 Compact LiPo charger is a very simple to use charger for 2S and 3S battery packs. No need for additional power supplies, as this little unit has its own built in power supply. The E3 charger is capable of charging a single 2S or 3S LiPo pack automatically. Like the Turnigy P403 LiPo Charger, the E3 is designed to work with all Turnigy NanoTech LiPo 2S or 3S battery packs for fully automatic battery charging.

Unlike the advance P403 LiPo Charger, it’s not possible to alter the charging rate, nor can you charge two 7.4V LiPo packs simultaneously. Additionally, the E3 can’t be used “in the field” from a 12V DC source (so, if you also fly R/C airplanes or helicopters, you can’t easily take it to the flying field to recharge your flight pack batteries). However, we feel the E3 offers a great value, especially if all you have is a small layout and only a handful of locos, or if you don’t wish to “fast charge” a battery pack (which we really don’t recommend anyway).

Tx21ManualWe’ve also updated the original Dead Rail Starter Set to include our new Tx21 Assembly and Operations Manual as a download, as well as made it available as an individual download in the shop.

Which reminds me … A bunch more work has been done on the catalog pages. We think they’re now a little better organized, so it should be easier to find things.

Receiver Wiring Diagram for New On30 Guy™ Starter Sets

Effective immediately, starter sets are shipping with the pre-made battery packs and simplified wiring components. And new components in the set require a new wiring diagram. It’s finally ready. The new scheme requires fewer connections, and is less complicated. This wiring diagram replaces the one in the Primer, and is part of the Dead Rail Primer download package in the shop.