The Wall

Not having to go to work this week is great fun. I get to work on the railroad, among other things. So far this week, I've cleaned the garage a good bit, as well as the basement and my home office (a little). Today's adventures have included installing the balance of the lighting in the railroad … Continue reading The Wall

Busy Day in Brooks

Today was a busy day in the little town of Brooks on the Corinna & Searsport. The long siding serving the town was graded and laid, and rough grading for the store and also the "coop" were roughed in. In the 1:1 world, another 25-feet of lighting was installed. And, I got a little bit of the … Continue reading Busy Day in Brooks

Progress at Corinna Mill!

There's been some progress at Corinna Mill today. A second MTH "Granary" building was acquired from The Moose Caboose, doubling the size of the mill building. The two buildings will undergo some modifications to combine the structures, but you can get the idea of the size of the final building from the picture here. In this shot, … Continue reading Progress at Corinna Mill!

Layout Lighting Plan

After a lot of experimentation, I've finally settled on the general lighting plan for the layout. I had thought of using LED strips, track lights, strip lights, etc., but none of these options were really acceptable. Through all the experimentation, I was able to develop some criteria for what I wanted. The lighting needed to … Continue reading Layout Lighting Plan