Bye-Bye On30 Guy

In just over 90 days, the hosting for this web site will expire, and I do not plan to renew it.

I simply no longer have the time, nor inclination, to keep the site updated. Seriously. The last time I posted anything was before the COVID-19 lock-downs. One might think that I’d’ve had a lot to talk about in that time. I haven’t. One might think that I’d’ve had a lot of modeling to show. I haven’t. On might think that I’d’ve had a reason to keep the site up. I haven’t. And so, after 7 years, I’ve decided that this web site has run its course.

This does not mean that I’m fully exiting the model railroad community. I am still quite interested in modeling, particularly narrow gauge. I’ll continue to work on my On30 Maine two-foot inspired layout, along with some smaller projects — mini-layouts, T-Trak, and OO9 or HOn30. And, I’ll be working as part of the team organizing the 44th National Narrow Gauge Convention to be held in Pittsburgh in 2024. In other words, I’ll still be around.

My other, non-model railroad-related antics are still being sporadically updated at my other web site: I welcome you to visit there.


9 thoughts on “Bye-Bye On30 Guy

  1. Brought battery power to us and then abandoned us. Real nice move … Erased your address out of my address book several months ago. Good by and good ridance.

    1. To be honest, Dave, it’s people like you who drove me out of this business, and nearly out of the hobby altogether. You ordered exactly once, didn’t follow directions, and your last visit here was over two years ago. So, yeah. Good riddance to you.

  2. In this life we all have to make choices. I wish you the best in whatever you do. I found you while looking into narrow gauge and bought a receiver form you hoping at some point that you would again offer the transmitter. Would it be possible for you to provide information about that transmitter? Schematic and parts list would be wonderful. And if possible some photos of parts placement. If you cannot I will understand.
    Take care

    1. Thanks for your note, Doug. The transmitter relies on a module from DelTang that utilizes a chip that is no longer available. And, it now appears that DelTang have completely shuttered operations as well! So, that appears to be a dead end to make the throttle/transmitter work. With that said, an inexpensive “Spektrum” DSM-2 model airplane or car transmitter will work just fine. Also, the I was having the On30Guy Throttles made for me by Kevin Hunter at Berrett Hill Trains, and he may still have some parts on hand. He can be reached via his website,

    2. Doug, I wanted to follow up on my previous reply. It appears that the DelTang site is back up, and the TX2 transmitter module may be available. You can find the technical information, such as it is, here:

      However, I still think the better option would be to contact Kevin at Berrett Hill, as he may be able to supply a completely assembled and tested throttle for use with the receiver.

  3. Geren,
    I did contact Mr. Hunter and had a very productive conversation with him. It looks like he may be able to supply me with a transmitter. That is a much better option than me using an iron on very small parts.
    Thanks again for your help.
    Doug B

    Once again, take care.

    1. Excellent! Glad that’s going to work out. Kevin’s a good guy. You might have to keep on him a bit, though. Sometimes, he’s, shall we say, forgetful. 😉

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