Now We’re Cookin’ With Gas

Last week, I shared a picture of the first print from my new 3D printer. You may recall that it was a failure, though not necessarily a dismal one. So, undeterred, I set about to print again today. It was suggested that, in addition to the changes I knew I needed to make, that I might want to try rotating the model on two axes.

Knowing that with a printer like this, it takes no more time to make two of something than it does one, assuming they can both fit on the build plate, I decided to go ahead and make one that I was reasonably certain would work, and one that was tilted slightly sideways. The result of that print is shown here:

OO9 centercab switcher, take 2A … and 2B

Now, we’re cookin’ with gas! Both models printed completely and with no anomalies. However, close inspection reveals that the one shows the printing layers less than the other. And, contrary to what had been suggested, rotating on only one axis gave the better result, which you can see by enlarging the image at the right. The one rotated X and Y is behind the one rotated only on the X axis. What’s more, comparing this print to one made on a Formlabs Form 2 shows remarkably little difference! With that being said, hold either print at arms length, and the layer lines all but disappear.

My next step on this little model is to begin to remove the veritable forest of supports, followed by more cleaning, and finally, a base coat of primer. In the mean time, I’ll need to order up a couple of Kato 11-109 mechanisms: I wanna see this little bugger go!

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  1. Looks great! I haven’t tried 3D printing but our local library has several that you can use for a minimal cost, you just send the files, they print and tell you to come pick them up when they are ready.

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