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I have recently noticed an uptick in number of requests and comments regarding shipping to Canada, to which I have traditionally had to answer that I cannot ship product outside the US. There have been a number of reasons I have traditionally not shipped product outside of the United States, one of which has involved the vagaries of international mail and customs, as well as the relatively high cost. 

Recently, PayPal have come up with tools that will make shipping to Canada much easier to deal with, including the sometimes complicated Customs declarations. I am investigating the changes I’ll need to make to the web shop to implement international shipping, and more specifically, shipping to Canada. My suspicion is that I will need to replace the current check-out procedure with PayPal’s new Smart Cart solution, which may necessitate removing the option of processing credit cards through Square.

Regardless, I want to assure my Canadian friends that I am thinking about you! I understand that the DelTang-authorized supplier in Canada can be difficult to deal with. And, I really do want to make it possible to take your money, er, accept your orders.

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  1. Geren, I think you will find the whole process to be relatively fluid. I am in Canada and follow your site but couldn’t purchase from you, although I purchase frequently from American suppliers. I have subsequently bought my equip from Del Tang in Great Britain. So I welcome you opening up to the 52nd State located directly north of you. 🙂 There are a large number of Canadian model railroaders and I’m sure you’ll welcome this section of the market.

    Congrats on the new throttle



    1. Thanks Rick. There are a couple of other issues involved that other suppliers may not encounter, but I’m pretty sure that they can be overcome, too. I’m looking forward to being able to serve my Canadian friends at times other than when I see them at a show.


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