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On30Guy dead rail throttle prototype with momentum control and built-in rechargeable battery with power management system.

Well, this is some seriously exciting news! I’ve received word that the motherboards for the new throttles should arrive tomorrow! There’s still a bit of work to be done before they can begin shipping, but I expect that won’t take more than about two weeks. Here’s what’s left to be done:

  • Finalize the CNC files for cutting the throttle cases
  • Designing and printing the faceplate overlays
  • Write the instruction manual
  • Populate the motherboards with components, connectors and switches
  • Prepare the potentiometers and batteries
  • Update the web site
  • Ship!

There will initially be two versions of the throttle available. The first is the most basic throttle we’ll sell. It’s features are:

  • Full-range speed control and direction switch compatible with all current -1 DelTang receivers
  • Rechargeable LiPo battery and built-in battery management system, providing as much as 12 hours of run time per charge(!)
  • Improved ergonomics when compared to DelTang Tx20/Tx21

The second version of the throttle will include all of the features of the basic throttle, and adds an inertia control.

In the future, there will be versions of the throttle available with push-button direction control and with additional push-buttons to control pads 3 and 4 on Rx6-series receivers. These pads could provide control of additional lights, remote couplers, a sound board, or any number of other accessories.

Since we’re finally to this point, I’ve decided that I will no longer accept orders for DelTang Tx21 or Tx20 throttles, as the new throttle replaces them both. I’ve also temporarily disabled ordering of starter sets, as the new throttle will be included with the starter set as well. As soon as they’re ready to go, I’ll add them to the shop, so keep your eyes peeled!

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    1. No, you haven’t missed it. I’ve not yet finalized the pricing, however, I do expect (and hope) that the prices will be within a few dollars of the models they replace.

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