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Our new box car kit is ready to ship! We have a few of the unpainted kits in stock and ready to go in the shop!

While not intended for the beginner, the kits go together easily, and can be built in a couple of evenings by most modelers with average skills and experience building laser-cut kits. Kits are sold less trucks, couplers, and details (although we do include a really neat custom brake cylinder).

The kit will also soon be available in B&SR arched-lettering, numbered for #47, 48, or 49. And, we can custom letter these for your road as well (a minimum order of five cars is required for custom lettered kits).

The kit is designed for use with Grandt Line On2 SR&RL trucks (with ReBoxx wheels), and we include an adapter for use with Bachmann 29904 low-profile On30 trucks. You can also use Grandt Line On30 SR&RL trucks, if you’d like.

More information about the boxcar kits can be found on the rolling stock kits and parts page of the On30 Guy™ Shop.

Post Author: Geren


  1. Geren, I can’t find price of the boxcar or any other product on your site. What am I overlooking?
    Yours in BSn3,
    rick perry

    1. What browser are you using? There used to be a problem when using older versions of Internet Explorer. Or, did you click on the item to go to the actual item description?

    1. This is really strange … I’m seeing it fine at home and at work, in Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

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