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So, this is the pilot model for our new boxcar kit, which will be available unpainted or customized with your railroad name and/or logo and road numbers. The kit goes together so easily, I didn’t even need to look at the assembly pictures — all the parts just make sense!

The kit is based on B&SR #53, and is designed to ride on Grandt Line SR&RL On2 trucks with HO wheelsets (or On2 wheelsets), but can be easily adapted to Bachmann’s 29904 On30 trucks. Yes, I know. This is a lot different from the 28′ W&Q/WW&F car I started with 3 1/2 years ago, but I think it’s been well worth the time and effort to come up with something new and different. Train Troll already does the 28′ car, so why would I want to reinvent the wheel?

More details (like pricing) to follow. We’ll be showing pilot models of the kit at the Midwest Narrow Gauge Show this weekend, and will have limited quantities available almost immediately thereafter.

Don’t think I’m resting on my laurels now. Kevin and I will also be showing a prototype of the new throttle this weekend, and I’m already working on plans for more rolling stock releases, both in On30 and 3/8n18.

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