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I learned today that Tam Valley Depot has ceased sales and production of their DRS-1 dead rail system for use with NCE DCC systems. Obviously, DRS-1 was a competitor to the DelTang dead rail gear I sell, but I’m still sorry to see that they’ve made the decision to pull the plug (so to speak) on their product. DRS-1 offered what I thought was a fairly well thought out product for use with existing DCC systems that was actually small enough to fit into HO and small On30 locos — of of their demo units was a Bachmann Forney, and all the electronics fit within the shell.

Tam Valley will continue to produce and sell their lines of turnout control systems, Frog Juicers, and other DCC-related accessories.

Post Author: Geren

3 Replies to “Tam Valley Depot Drops Dead Rail”

  1. Too bad, I guess at this point the sales just didn’t justify the investment. I still say Dead Rail is THE future of Model Railroading as it will soon be cheaper and simpler than DCC and the Tam Valley setup USA good bridge for those who have already invested in DCC. Though I don’t understand the business decision to completely drop the line (how expensive is it to just keep selling it and not upgrade? Though that presents its own problems, I guess…) I am sure someone else will step in.

    1. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, aside from R&D time and expense (which can run into tens of thousands of dollars, creating a bridge product is obviously not out of the realm of possibility. It’s certainly something I’ll be discussing with some of my manufacturing partners.

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