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In my last post, I briefly mentioned that I had ordered a lower-power laser engraver/cutter. While waiting for mine arrive, I’ve been experimenting with an even lower-powered model that belongs to Kevin over at Berrett Hill Trains. One of the ideas I had was to use the laser to “drill” the holes for the controls in the throttle kits.

Using the laser for this requires moving the top controls to the front face. While cutting the first one, I thought I’d make this little video:

The software that’s included with the laser is pretty basic, and has more than a few quirks. However, there’s a pretty active community developing some excellent tools for controlling these low-powered machines. Unfortunately, Kevin’s machine doesn’t support these upgrades, so I’ve had to test with the basic software. Even with the constraints of this software, and the extremely low power of this machine, the results were pretty impressive.

I’ve got ideas-a-plenty for using my machine once it gets here. Stay tuned.

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