All in Another Day’s Work

More work today! There’s roadbed now all the way around to the Searsport yard throat, and track has been laid or filled in all the way up to that weird, tricky little corner. What’s more, a train can run and stay on the track the whole way — when it doesn’t run into a tool…


Sorry about the wonderful hand-held iPhone video. But hey, it is HD! Here’s another slideshow. I could’ve sworn I took more stills. Ah, well. Tomorrow…

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Tomorrow sometime, we’re going to go see the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie again, but I’ll also try to get track in as far as I can. I should be able to finish the run all the way to Searsport. That’s when things will really start to get interesting….

5 thoughts on “All in Another Day’s Work

  1. Hi Ed. I use Loctite Power Grab construction adhesive. I generally use the clear for track (the tube will have a red cap), although I’ve also used the white (the tube will have a yellow cap). I find that the clear is a little more resilient and is a little rubbery when set, where the white is harder and more rigid. I lay down a healthy bead, and then spread it thin with 2- or 3-inch plastic putty knife.

    I also use the Power Grab adhesives for attaching blue/pink/green foam to plywood, and for wood-to-wood joints when the caulk gun is in my hand and the Titebond is across the room.

    I’ve also been using the Power Grab adhesive for its intended purpose (!) in my bathroom remodel (which I really need to get back to some day) to attach tongue-and-groove siding over plaster board and ceramic tile, and to put the new shower surround together. It’s fantastic stuff!

    1. Geren, thanks for the detailed, quick reply. I will me putting down some code 40 HOn3 flex track later today, and saw the siding in your video with the white adhesive and was curious. I guess it’s off to “The Big Box Store”!
      Ed T.

        1. Been away from the hobby for 20 years. Left just before DCC! Had just enough code 40 from a purchase made in San Jose in 1976 to do a switchback branch. Have a bunch of code 70 “in the mail” to complete a mainline between 2 modules I built in the 80’s. Hope to get some of my DeadRails loco’s running around a 75′ “mainline” in the near future. Right nod the only conversion I have done is a WSM vertical boiler class A climax with the batteries and DelTang receiver in a freelance caboose.
          Some day I will post pictures on Deadrails Facebook and HOn3 Facebook. Thanks for your help.

          Ed T.

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