Big changes coming to the Corinna & Searsport

My, but it’s been quiet around here, especially where the layout is concerned. There’re a few reasons, but the most important is that I’ve found that I am just really unhappy with a very large portion of the layout — the peninsula that encompasses Plymouth, Mount Harris/Common Hill, and Brooks. The shape of the peninsula forced awkward track arrangements and its position in the room won’t make the visual impression I’m after.


So, very soon, I’ll be removing the peninsula. Corinna Mill we remain where it is, and Corinna itself will also remain largely unchanged. Also, all of the new benchwork constructed for what are now Swanville and Waldo will remain. A new section of benchwork will be built to bridge the gap between the remaining benchwork. I’ll try to re-orient the peninsula so that it faces the other way, but I’m probably going to have to build a new peninsula to replace it.