Diversionary Tactics … Again

Oh, fudge.

Some of you might remember that some time back I had a section of the site that was devoted to HOn30. I’d cooked up a little track plan, and even gathered many of the materials I’d need to build it — including a little HOn30 diesel critter to run on it. I still have all that stuff sitting around in various places, but I decided that I really should concentrate on On30, and I got involved in the whole dead rail thing, and so I deleted all the posts and the HOn30 Diversion section of the web site.

An then, this happened…

HOn30 0-4-0


photo by Rich Brungard

No, I haven’t bought one … yet. But, I hear tell it’s an amazingly good runner, and it’s reasonably priced, and it’s cute as the dickens, and, well, you get my drift.

My friend Rich Brungard has bought a couple, and has been putting them through their paces. As you can see, the loco takes some  really sharp curves with ease.

Rich found a boiler and cab replacement kit from Japan that turns the stock loco into a really nice model, too. At around $65, on top of the cost of the engine, it’s a bit too pricey for a diversion. But it is pretty once it’s done…

HOn30 0-4-0 + Toma

photo by Rich Brungard

And, it could probably be turned into a little Forney, kinda like this…

HOn30 Forney


photo by Keith Pashina

(this is actually a production sample of a Forney the MiniTrains folks plan to release, based on the same mechanism)

So, at some point, I will probably break down and order one of these little buggers, maybe with the passenger cars (the set is almost a bargain). And, I’ll dust off the supplies I laid in to build the little HOn30 layout.

It’ll be fun.

It’ll be The HOn30 Diversion.