Custom Decals

The past few weeks, since the On30 meet up in Milton, PA, I’ve been itching to get back to work on the railroad. I’ve also been working with Newell Sage on getting some custom decals made for my rolling stock. After a few days back and forth, I think we’ve got the first design ironed out.

Corrina & Searsport 28' box car mock-up
Corrina & Searsport 28′ box car mock-up

This design is based on Wiscasset & Quebec practice, and I think it’s a great representative “look” for my Corinna & Searsport. I’ll be mocking up some more car designs over the coming weeks.

At the same time, I’m working with Rich Brungard to get some custom underframes made that will be generic for use on flat cars, low-side gondolas, and boxcars. The next trick there is getting appropriate roof blanks made up, and I can start making some appropriate rolling stock!

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  1. The Wiscasset & Quebec also had some cars that were gray with black lettering, using the same scheme as shown in the post. Here’s a mock-up of what that car might look like:

    Gray C&S Box Car

  2. After a little time out on the road, of course rolling stock shows the effects of the weather. Here’s what the car might look like after a few years…

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