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In a previous post, I gave a hint about what the mill at Corinna Mill would look like. The structure is based on two MTH Granary buildings, butted together. Today, I got up the nerve to cut into a pair of $65 buildings to see if what was in my mind’s eye would actually work — this would either be great, or a $130 disaster!

IMAG0218I started by completely disassembling the “right” half of the mill, removing all the detail parts from the sections that wouldn’t be used or seen in the completed model, and saving them for use in later projects. There are only a few major parts to the building. I was surprised by how much was molded as a single piece — the tooling for this building must have cost a fortune! For instance, the part in the foreground is, except for windows, doors and electrical bits, a single part.

IMAG0219I started each of the cuts by scribing a line with a square and a sharp hobby knife. After several passes with the knife to act as a guide, I switched to my trusty Dremel tool with a large fiberglass cutting disk to hack the end off the building. I had to cut into the end at an angle to avoid damaging the parts of the building I wanted to keep. The interior supporting structure was eventually cut away with a rail nipper.


In the shot here, I’m working on the top part of the building — also a single molded part.

The roof panels were marked and cut similarly. Once all the cuts were made, I snapped off any melted plastic globs, and sanded everything smooth using a large sanding block/foam shaper from Berrett Hill Trains. Then, I reassembled what was left of the first building.


The left half of the mill didn’t require such drastic cutting, as I wanted to leave the end wall in place to use as a support for the roof. It did still require a complete disassembly, to remove and cut the roof panels flush with the end wall. I also needed to sand the edges of the building smooth where the two buildings would be glued together.

IMAG0223The result of the project is shown above. I still need to do the final work on the seams in the roof. The joint in the stone wall is almost perfect, and will pretty much disappear when I repaint and weather the structure.

Obviously, the loading dock also still needs to be added. I had originally thought that a large wooden platform was in order, but the more I look at the buildling, the more I think a poured concrete affair would be more appropriate.


To get an idea of the size of the finished structure, here’s #4 pushing a 30-foot boxcar into the siding, and a view from the far end of Corinna yard, looking back at the mill.


This is gonna look really great once there’s a background in place!


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