• <span>No. 5 Arriving in Corinna</span>
  • <span>WW&F #9 under steam at Alna</span>
  • <span>No. 10 Works the Yard</span>
  • <span>C&S No. 4 at Corinna Station</span>

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Matching Floquil Driftwood

Matching Floquil Driftwood

Many people are trying to replicate Floquil’s Driftwood stain color. Here’s a recipe that is nearly a dead ringer for the original.

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Train Show Schedule

Train Show Schedule

When's the next time The On30 Guy will be at a train show? The Events Calendar is the best way to find out.

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Growing the Corinna Mill

Growing the Corinna Mill

Looking for a structure, but there's just a kit available, and you don't want to scratchbuild? Try a kitbashing project instead.

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How to Program a DCC Decoder

I’ve found the best way to program a DCC decoder, and it’s free (depending upon your DCC system)! DecoderPro is a free application that runs on pretty much any WindowsXP, Windows7, MacOS or Linux computer (OS list updated 12/31/12 to include Windows7 and delete Windows98). If you have an NCE Powerhouse Pro system of just…

Just for Fun

Just for fun this morning, I composited yesterday’s progress picture with a shot I took on the Eastern Shore a couple of years ago — just to get an idea.

Yes, I’m Still Working

Just in case you all thought I’d stopped working on the layout … We went away for a couple of days, which kept me from messing with things I shouldn’t mess with. The result is that the new “waterâ€? poured into the swamp area has set up nicely, although it’s still rubbery. This is how…

Clever Models

via e-mail This link came through on one of the e-mail lists some time today: Clever Models  Clever Models designs and produces high-quality structure kits and texture sheets — made from paper. The textures and designs come from a CGI artist and, presumably, modeler in the motion picture industry. He’s learned to apply the effects…

Back at Work

As I mentioned last week, I had a lot of work to do to get ready for some Orchard Studios shows. Saturday, we had our first show of the season, and Sunday, I played! (click on the pix for full-sized versions) First, the area in and around the marsh was re-sceniced. I decided that the…


Even with the sound systems installed, it’s going to be a little quiet around here for a few days. I’ve got to scurry around and get ready for a art show this weekend, so there won’t be much time to play with trains — a serious bummer! Don’t worry, though. I’ll be back, ASAP!

Enlarging and Reducing Plans

What I’m about to mention here, many modelers already know. However, I figure it’s a useful thing to have in one, handy place, like my web site. We all know that HO is the most popular modeling scale out there. So, many published plans and drawings are in HO (1:87) scale. Here are some simple…

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