Laser Experimentation

In my last post, I briefly mentioned that I had ordered a lower-power laser engraver/cutter. While waiting for mine arrive, I’ve been experimenting with an even lower-powered model that belongs to Kevin over at Berrett Hill Trains. One of the ideas I had was to use the laser to “drill” the holes for the controls […]

DelTang Tx21 Throttle Kit Changes

It has come to my attention that DelTang have made a change to the Tx21 Throttle Kit which is causing some confusion. The latest kits include a newer version of the Tx2 transmitter module that does not include the large black capacitor shown in the assembly photographs. On the new boards, this capacitor has been […]

Kimberton 2016 Meet “Report”

I’ve just returned home from this year’s Mid-Atlantic Narrow Gauge Guild Module Meet (affectionately know as “Kimberton”), and thought some of you might want to know how the meet went. I enjoyed seeing many long-time friends, and shooting the breeze, both at the fairgrounds and on the porch at the French Creek Inn. Attendance was […]

Bachmann EZ-App / BlueRail Trains RS-3 First Impressions

I picked up one of the Bachmann EZ-App HO RS-3s to assess its suitability for a dead rail conversion. The plan, overall, is to use the mechanism and electronics to power an On30 “doodlebug.” For my use, I didn’t really care about the roadname, so my Bachmann pusher got me a Pennsy unit like the […]

Choosing Your DelTang Throttle Kit

While DelTang offer several throttle choices, I’ve found that the Tx21 and Tx22 throttles are by far the two most popular options, which is why I’ve only been carrying those two. The only difference between them is that the Tx21 is a “single loco” throttle, and the Tx22 offers “Selecta” control of 1 of 12 […]

All in Another Day’s Work

More work today! There’s roadbed now all the way around to the Searsport yard throat, and track has been laid or filled in all the way up to that weird, tricky little corner. What’s more, a train can run and stay on the track the whole way — when it doesn’t run into a tool… […]

Back to Working on the Railroad

It’s been a busy couple of days on the railroad! Thursday, Kevin came over again and we got some benchwork in, and yesterday I went down and finished those projects up. There’s now continuous benchwork from Corinna all the way around to the upper yard throat at Searsport! Here’s a collection of pictures of the […]

The Millennium Falcon Flies Again!

Kevin came by today to drop off a large lateral file cabinet and to play the part of Chewbacca to help get the end of the peninsula (which I dubbed the Millennium Falcon because of it shape) back up on legs after its mysterious crash landing a couple of weeks ago. We actually managed to […]