Shop Updates for August

I’ve had a few requests to make some changes in the shop. As you know, I’ve been reluctant to make too many changes because of the sometimes unpredictable results of mucking with things in there. However, I think these were worth the effort.

First, I’ve added the new instruction manual for the Tx21 throttles. The new On30 Guy TM manual is fully illustrated with clear, sharp photographs, and includes sections on wiring the throttle, as well as complete instructions on calibrating the speed control and binding the throttle with a receiver or receivers.

Second, I’ve added the instructions as part of the automatic download in the starter set including the Tx21.

Third, I’ve had requests by customers to be able to choose a different battery pack in the starter sets. So, I’ve done that — battery selection is now done in the start sets via a drop down menu.

Fourth, changing the way batteries worked in the starter set required changing the way the 7.4V battery selection worked elsewhere in the shop. The current rating of the 7.4v batteries are new selected via a drop-down selection.

Finally, I’ve dropped the starter set with the Tx22 throttle from the catalog. The starter sets are really intended to be an introduction to Dead Rail with DelTang, and I really, really, really don’t recommend the Tx22 as an entry-level throttle. The assembly is tricky and the instructions are terrible — and I really don’t foresee my writing a manual for the Tx22 any time in the foreseeable future (unless someone wants to pay me for the time and materials to do it, which would total about $1,450.00 to do it right).